Want a job – Get a Social Media Profile

Employers use social media profiles to vet job applicants. That’s not a surprise.
This is especially important for younger job applicants.
Younger people are more likely to have extensive social media profiles and employers won’t always make allowances for youthful indiscretions.

Wayne Denner is based in Belfast and at a recent seminar for the British Computer Society – Belfast Branch, produced 3 fascinating statistics about employers and how they use social media for vetting job applicants.

  1. 93 % admit to using social media to help screen job applicants.
  2. 69% will not shortlist if they have a negative view of your profile.
    But most interestingly of all
  3. 35% won’t interview you if you do not have a social media profile.

I imagine employers are interested in two key areas.

  1. Does your profile corroborate your application.
  2. What does your profile say about your personality.

If these stats are correct, it seems a social media profile is going to be as important as a credit rating.
So think about what you post – first impressions last….

Wayne Denner specialises in online reputation management and teaching children how to be safe online.